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Location: Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Client: Jeddah Amana, contracted through Euasia Limited (Hong Kong) and CDM Smith(USA)

The city of Jeddah is expanding fast. A transport master plan has been prepared to alleviate growing congestion in the city and to help better structure its future growth. This necessitated analysis of best practice on integrated land use and transport systems and innovative urban design solutions to plan strategic station nodes in Jeddah. Key project tasks included:

Devise a comprehensive public transport system comprising heavy rail, metro, light rail and bus system

Devise urban design and land use planning principles to adapt to the public transport system

Carried out demonstration projects to show how to plan urban development nodes around station interchanges

Corridor studies to demonstrate how major commercial/retail axes can be created in the urban area

Devised ways of creating a sense of place in the city using stations as a catalyst.

My tasks included the high-level assessment of routing, station development options and corridor studies for Jeddah's new public transport system as well as Identification of (re)development, conceptual station design, area upgrading through station location and urban restructuring opportunities.