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a Designer and a Town Planner, living in Hong Kong and Basel (Switzerland).

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Debbie Trueb-Chan has been in the design industry for over a decade, specializing in the design and the execution of print media, ranging from simple invitations to multi page documents as well as corporate brochures and corporate identity. Her strength is to create visions, and to translate these visions into finished products while organizing and managing the entire production from artwork design to final printed and bounded documents.

Oliver Trueb Oliver Trueb is an urban planner with specialised experience in strategic planning, tourism planning, land use planning, urban design and infrastructure development. His participation in tourism projects, regional planning studies, master plans and urban design projects for governmental agencies, international organisations and developers has provided him with extensive experience in a wide range of fields related to planning, development and the environment. He also has specialised experience in the use and application of information systems for planning projects, notably Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and relational database systems (RDBMS).

His 25-year work experience is enriched by work in many different countries and cultures, including Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, China, Sri Lanka, India and the Middle East. The most recent assignments include working as urban planner / urban designer for a city centre and two new town projects with a design population of 50,000 each in Saudi Arabia; as a strategic tourism and land use planner on projects in China; as an infrastructure specialist UNWTO funded tourism plans in Sri Lanka, India and Egypt; and as environmental / land use planner on a sub-regional development plan for the southern provinces in Thailand for the Asian Development Bank.