Jubail City Centre Master Plan

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Location: Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Client: The Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu, contracted through Euasia Limited (Hong Kong) and Wilbur Smith Associates (USA)

Planning, urban design and organisation of a city centre for Jubail Industrial Town. Jubail is a medium-size specialist city that, until now consisted of a world-class petro-chemical industrial estate and several well-designed suburban districts.

A city centre was now seen as a vital instrument to create a "complete city" and to elevate Jubail to become a regional hub for the northern areas of Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province. The primary objectives are for the city centre to:

(i) Serve the existing and future population of Jubail;

(ii) Create a flagship development for the city;

(iii) Strengthen Jubail's potential; and

(iv) Contribute to long-term structural change of Jubail's economy.

Urban planning challenges included the integration of Jubail's existing urban areas and the new City Centre, the reduction of severance from major roads, the creation of 24-hour spaces and the need to entice walking despite the harsh climatic conditions. The latter was achieved through the use of small street blocks, the introduction of public transport and the provision of points of interest at regular intervals.

The design and quantum of development is balanced with regard to demographic and economic expectations, infrastructure provision and traffic forecasts. The master plan, its regulatory framework, land use and urban design was conceived in a way that allows maximum flexibility for architects and developers while still maintaining urban planning and urban design integrity.