Master Plan and Urban Design for Al Mardumah District

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Location: Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Client: The Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu, contracted through Euasia Limited (Hong Kong) and Wilbur Smith Associates (USA)

Al Mardumah is a new residential district in Al Jubail, an economic powerhouse at the Saudi Arabian Gulf Coast. Upon completion the district will provide some 8,300 new housing units, which are urgently required to support Al Jubail's growing population in the light of strong economic growth and continued expansion of the petrochemical industry. The anticipated population of the district upon completion is 41,600.

As the city matures, it is necessary for new housing to be accommodated in a progressive and sustainable environment, one that promotes Al Jubail as a vibrant, modern and complete city offering a quality living environment for families and young people alike. Mardumah is moreover special as it has a long coastline that offers considerable recreational opportunities, notably with opportunities to offer more varied waterfront activities than currently exists in Jubail.

The district is also strategically located close to the planned new city centre where a greater range of attractions and activities should be accessible to Mardumah's residents.

The existing topography has been utilised to the fullest and development on its hills give the district a sense of place and some great outdoor recreation areas.

Privacy is a major concern in Saudi Arabia and the hills posed a challenge to build residential developments that still maintain privacy for the apartments, villas and gardens.

Traditional Eastern Region Architecture has been employed to create a break from the villa type development so often found in new districts in the Middle East.

Great emphasis has been placed on park and green corridor development. All residential units are in walking distance to a garden, pedestrian walkway or park.