Master Plan for the Fish Shape Mountain Lake Area

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Location: Yi Yang, Henan Province, China)

Client: Jiecheng / Hunan Provincial Government / Euasia Limited (Hong Kong)

The Master Plan for the Fish Shape Mountain Lake Area necessitated both tourism and urban development considerations. The urban structure proposed for the urban is a linear ribbon, following the proposed commuter rail line. Besides good connectivity, this will also allow a maximum number of people to be close to the areas of attractive countryside, namely the scenic rural areas, the Fish Shaped Mountain Lake, and the high mountain ridges.

Importantly this urban structure is also instrumental in promoting the dual concepts of energy saving and environmental sustainability by allowing:

An economical and viable light rail system that will extend, as one central line, over the entire linear urban space;

Car free spaces in most of the urban area, with the majority of inhabitants being within walking distance of rail services and/or be accessible to rail by means of electric buggies, bicycles or shuttle buses;

Good interchange facilities with strategic rail networks to Changsha, making it more convenient and practical for inhabitants to commute to the provincial capital by rail;

The diffusion of urban areas amidst 'green areas' both immediately outside the urban envelope (buffer zones, urban fringe parks) and within it, (linear parks and lakes to improve air quality, sustainable circulation and waste disposal);

Development of self contained, compact clusters that will concentrate land uses together, reduce the need for travel and allow each cluster to be totally self sufficient.