The Great Wall at Mu Tian Yu
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Beijing, China

Client: BIAD (Beijing Institute of Architecture Design), contracted through Fountain International

The Great Wall at Mu Tian Yu is one of the primary cultural heritage sites near Beijing and one of the first public access points to the Great Wall of China. The initial tourism development, dating back to the early eighties, has not been designed for the number of tourists that frequent the site now.

Recent sustainable private sector development, mostly in form of rental accommodation through the renovation of old farmhouses, has increased the attractiveness of the area, notably as a weekend getaway for Beijing residents. Adjacent local villages also improved their image and upgraded both their built and natural environment.

Coordinated planning efforts to cope with this tourist influx are needed and the aim of this project was to create a holistic development plan that allows the different tourist types to enjoy the wall at their leisure and respective travel preference. Components include an arrival zone, a sustainable internal transport regime, the protection of cultural heritage sites and the provision of a wide range of tourist accommodation.