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Wuzhishan, Hainan Island, China

Client: Euasia Ltd. (Hong Kong)

The Environmental Upgrading of urban areas through TOUrism (EUTOU) Project is an international cooperation project co-founded by the European Union under the Asia Urbs Programme whose objective is to prepare a methodology to upgrade urban environments through tourism.

The focus of the project is on Wuzhishan City, lying in one of the poorest areas of Hainan Province, located in the interior of the island and home to a large population of Li and Miao ethnic minorities. The capital of the Li people, Wuzhishan City is situated near Wuzhi Mountain (Wuzhishan), a famous natural landmark well known throughout China and with considerable tourism potential.

The urban area's unattractive and poor environment means that tourists currently by-pass Wuzhsihan City and stay at coastal resorts. The EUTOU project is also aimed at enhancing co-operation between European actors and institutions seeking closer co-operation with China and its rapidly emerging markets.

More information can be found on the EuTou web site